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About Family Service Co., Ltd.

​Family Service Co., Ltd. was established in July 2012, independent of the operation department of Family Rent-A-Lease Co., Ltd.

With the main business of installing and maintaining laundry machines nationwide, we will also start a repair/inspection service business for store-type coin laundry machines.

With the change in lifestyle, the role of coin laundry has changed significantly. ​Currently, there is a demand for “time saving” in all areas of life. The scene of shopping and washing at the same time at a coin laundry located in a shopping mall is becoming commonplace.

The demand for coin-operated laundry is by no means a transitory one, but has already become established as a necessity for social life. With the technical capabilities we have cultivated in the laundry equipment maintenance business, we will fully support the operation of coin laundry stores so that we can operate large equipment with peace of mind.

It is the corporate motto of Family Rental & Lease Co., Ltd.

"To continue to be an indispensable presence for our customers"

The spirit of is inherited by Family Service Co., Ltd.

We will devote ourselves to the goal of contributing to society through the maintenance of coin laundry machines.

We look forward to your continued patronage.


Representative Director and President

Akihide Uchida


Company overview

商号    ファミリーサービス株式会社

創業    令和2年7月1日

資本金   5,000,000円

事業内容  ランドリー機器の設置、修理


Company name Family Service Co., Ltd.

Established July 1, 2nd year

Capital 10,000,000 yen

Business Description Laundry equipment installation and repair


July 1, 2nd year of reiwa

Family Rent-A-Lease Co., Ltd. newly established the operation division as Family Service Co., Ltd.


President Akihide Uchida

Director Goto  Masato


​関 連 会 社​

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