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Call us immediately for breakdowns and problems ! ​This is the service we provide.

● In case of sudden failure or trouble, we will rush to repair it.

● We will check the laundry equipment and facilities to prevent breakdowns.

● We will cooperate with a group company and provide advice on new introduction.


Around the water


​Aqua's large valve with excellent durability

​(HWD series )


To prevent dust from clogging the drainage pipe during the drainage process, measures have been taken from the design stage on the latest models, but small/old large laundry machines are not considered so much.

There is always a risk of water leakage other than the clogging of the drain port, such as water leakage due to damage to the drain hose.

Family Service recommends regular inspections so that the operation of the store is not affected.


In the wash tub



​The back side of the washing tub will get dirty after many years of use.

​The washing tub of a washing machine that has been used for many years accumulates residues such as detergent, fibers, and detergent on the back surface, and becomes a hotbed where molds and the like are generated.

If it is light, it can be washed by dipping it in sodium hypochlorite, etc., but it is difficult to remove all the residue that has once stuck with a chemical. We recommend disassembling the washing machine and cleaning by a specialized staff.


Exhaust duct



​The inside of the exhaust duct cannot be seen from the outside. After a few years have passed since the store opened, dust gradually accumulates at the ends of the bends and slopes.

"Clean the filter properly" "There is no problem with the machine"

Nevertheless, do you get many errors? Family Service will repair and inspect.

Motor related abnormality


If you have any troubles such as a spinning sound, the drying drum does not rotate, or an abnormal sound when you try to dehydrate, please contact Family Service.


● Motor belt breaks due to deterioration over time and excessive loading of laundry

● Broken fishing rod

●Trouble of bearing


Our staff with abundant achievements will respond immediately.

Old Sanyo products


​Are you wondering if you don't know the repair window for your old Sanyo product? If you need to repair an old machine, let a family service expert know. We are proud of our 40 years of experience in repairs, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

For parts that have been supplied, we recommend that you introduce the lineup of AQUA and others. ​Please also leave these consulting to us.

Abnormal coin counter


​If coins cannot be inserted, or if the machine does not operate after being inserted, it is possible that the coins are jammed due to deformed coins. Please contact Family Service.

●Cleaning of internal sensor

● Disassembly and cleaning

-Foreign matter removal

​Our workers with a wealth of experience will respond immediately.

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