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Coin laundry repair

We will repair and inspect regardless of manufacturer.

With the recent laundromat boom, equipment utilization rates have increased significantly. Vibration and noise of the motor caused by heavy load, clogging of the exhaust duct etc. Owners, why not consider the inspection once?


If you are already in trouble, please contact Family Service . Our know-how, which has been involved in the repair of commercial equipment for over 40 years, will surely help owners.


​Repair and maintenance of coin laundry to Family Service Co., Ltd.!

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It is a new brand of old Sanyo products with the largest market share. Aqua's products, the store can I Ri centralized management to the data controller, is characterized by excellent product lineup. ​Reliable domestic products.



TOSEI quickly adopted an IT management system and enabled remote management. It is a long-established safe domestic brand in the coin laundry industry.



Electrolux laundromat equipment is used worldwide. We have a lineup of products that excel in flexible operation, such as detailed settings for each device.

We will call for repair and inspection immediately with a single phone call .

We will repair and inspect regardless of manufacturer.

Coin Laundry Equipment

Please feel free to contact us.

● It doesn't work because it breaks down

(Drum does not rotate, does not drain, does not ignite)

●Noisy noise due to deterioration over time

-There is no repair window for old Sanyo products

● Worried about the hygiene of the washing tub

I want to check but I don't know what to do


1. Call us anytime

2. Please tell us your troubles

3. A repairman will visit you soon


I will ask you

Coin Laundry Equipment

Please feel free to contact us.


Common troubles

The washing machine does not drain

Water leak has occurred

The cause is an abnormality in the drain valve or damage to the drain hose.

Isn't it necessary to shift to the dehydration process or take time to drain water?​

​It is possible that the drain valve is broken or the pipe is clogged.

Also, the washing hose will deteriorate over time due to vibration and other factors. Floor damage caused by water leaks will greatly hinder store operations.

​Family Service recommends early inspection and repair.

For hygiene of washing tub

Have anxiety

When you try to remove the mold in the washing tub with chemicals, it may not be completely removed, and it may gradually adhere to your laundry.

Family service disassembles laundry equipment, cleans the wash tub, and physically removes the mold itself. By doing this, it is possible to return to the same clean state as at the time of purchase (mainly it corresponds to the washing tub of small laundry machines / please contact us for the washing tub of large machines).

Due to the recent social situation, more and more customers are worried about the hygiene of equipment at stores. Why not consider disassembling and cleaning the washing tub once?

Ignition of the dryer is easy to occur・Difficult to dry the laundry

We recommend regular inspection of your laundry equipment. Is the condition of the exhaust duct okay?

​In addition to the burner abnormality, the filter may be dirty or the exhaust duct may be clogged. If dirt or clogging occurs in places where the equipment in the store is out of sight, it will lead to a decrease in operating rate.

If several years have passed since opening, we recommend that you do a thorough inspection of your laundry equipment. Family Service will help the owner to use their valuable laundry equipment for a long time.

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